Texas A&M: A graphic that reads Let Your Voice Be Heard

Students, faculty and staff across Texas A&M University are invited to take the “Your Voice Matters” survey, which is designed to further the understanding of campus climate and help devise ways to improve the university environment.

To complete the survey, go to your voice.tamu.edu and use your NetID login information. For transparency and accessibility, the 2021 Your Voice Matters surveys are provided as PDFs for review.

The survey begins Feb. 10 and runs through March 7. All campus community members in the Texas who fall under the flagship umbrella will receive an email invitation to participate. This includes College Station, the School of Law in Fort Worth, the branch campus in Galveston, the Higher Education Center at McAllen, and Health Science Center locations across the state.

Data will be analyzed by Texas A&M’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Evaluation in collaboration with the Department of Student Life Studies and the Office for Diversity. All identifying information will be removed from survey responses and open-ended responses, and we will not share results that identify anyone in any manner. Protecting confidentiality is the highest priority, survey organizers said. All results will be reported in the aggregate; no respondents will be identified in any way nor specific responses associated with a specific individual.

Texas A&M’s Diversity Plan established the expectation that the university would assess the campus climate every three years.

“’Campus climate’ is how students, faculty and staff feel about, and experience, the campus environment,” said Jennifer McGee Reyes, assistant vice president for diversity. “Understanding and improving our campus climate is important because of the implications for student, faculty and staff recruiting, retention and success.”

Participants who complete the survey can enter to win an iPad. Faculty and staff can choose to be entered; students will be automatically entered. More information on the drawings can be found on the Your Voice Matters site, under FAQ.

Reyes said the results of past campus climate surveys have been used to increase cross-cultural activities and programming to educate faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students about inclusion; help individuals understand the value of diversity; foster respectful intercommunication and dialogue; and encourage higher and deeper levels of interaction.

Completing the survey will take about 15-30 minutes, Reyes said. Participation is voluntary and responses are confidential. All results will be reported in the aggregate and participants will not be identified in any way or associated with any of their responses. Survey recipients may decline to participate or discontinue the survey at any time. Questions may be skipped along the way, but if participants quit the survey without submitting it, they will not be able to enter the prize drawings.

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