Texas A&M: ‘Aggie One Stop’ Combines Student Enrollment Services For Streamlined Experience

This month, Texas A&M opened Aggie One Stop, a new office that combines and integrates the front-line customer service of several offices related to student enrollment services, including assisting students with registration, scholarships and financial aid, student billing and military education benefits questions.

“Texas A&M University is committed to supporting Aggies to improve their student experience and encourage their success,” said Assistant Vice President for Scholarships & Financial Aid Delisa Falks. “Aggie One Stop provides quality, holistic customer service for the most common enrollment services in a single office. We hope students continue to benefit from these kinds of innovative solutions provided by the university to improve student access.”

The Aggie One Stop customer service team is trained to handle questions that students typically address to the Offices of the Registrar, Scholarships & Financial Aid, Student Billing, and Military Education Benefits. While these offices still exist and will continue to support students, the customer service for these offices will be provided by the Aggie One Stop team.

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