Texas A&M: Disney Plus Documentary Follows Texas A&M Task Force 1

“Texas Storm Squad” follows Danny Watkins, rescue specialist, and his team as they join five other TX-TF1 teams dispatched to Beaumont, Texas and surrounding areas to save lives and evacuate residents from flash floods that resulted from Tropical Storm Imelda in September 2019.

After midnight on Sept. 19, the team was dispatched and the show’s camera crew follow along in real time. As the show details, Imelda was particularly dangerous because instead of moving north and dissipating as predicted, it hovered above southeast Texas, dumping record levels of rain.

The show begins with dozens of 911 calls from citizens trapped by floodwaters and follows the team as it moves through flood-ravaged areas in a specialized vehicle that could maneuver through water that would sweep away regular vehicles.

“Texas Storm Squad” is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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