Texas A&M: Texas A&M Extended Orientation Summer Camps Return To In-Person Participation

The Texas A&M University Department of Student Activities has announced information on three camps happening in person this summer. Housed under Extended Orientation, Fish Camp, Transfer Camp and Venture Camps collectively transform the lives of students through experiences, student and staff connections, and Texas A&M traditions.

“We are extremely excited and honored to host Fish Camp in person this year,” said Eric Munoz, Fish Camp head director. “Fish Camp has been a part of the freshman experience at Texas A&M for decades and has left a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of Aggies. We look forward to being able to continue sharing the traditions of A&M with incoming students.”

Fish Camp will host eight sessions over 24 days at Lakeview Methodist Conference Center in Palestine, Texas. The three-day orientation program will welcome the class of 2025, where they will learn Aggie traditions, make new friends and learn about life at Texas A&M.

Fish Camp dates:

Session A July 25-27 Session E Aug. 6-8

Session B July 28-30 Session F Aug. 9-11

Session C July 31 – Aug. 2 Session G Aug. 12-14

Session D Aug. 3-5 Session H Aug. 15-17

Trinity Pines Conference Center in Trinity, Texas will serve as the host site for Aggie Transition Camps (ATC). ATC will welcome students over two sessions this summer with Session 1 occurring Aug. 2-4, followed by Session 2, Aug. 6-8.

“Holding camp in person will create a space for incoming students to connect with current students as they learn more about the traditions of Texas A&M, campus resources and campus life,” said Riley Lowder, ATC executive director. “As a team, we are very excited about another great year of T-Camp.”

ATC plays an integral part dedicated to creating a strong program that teaches about traditions, academic success and campus life to aid in each student’s successful transition into Texas A&M.

Venture Camp will have two programs, namely backpacking and paddling at two different locations this summer. Backpacking will take place at Lake Georgetown in Georgetown, Texas on July 6-9, and the paddling trip will be down the Colorado River in Central Texas on July 12-15.

About Extended Orientation Camps
Fish Camp strives to welcome freshmen into the Aggie family by sharing the traditions and values of Texas A&M University and creating a universally accepting support system that allows them to build relationships and embody the Aggie spirit. Texas A&M students lead the camp.

Aggie Transition Camps (ATC) is the umbrella organization that coordinates and runs Howdy Camp in the early spring and Transfer Camp (T-Camp) in the fall. ATC is for all new students at Texas A&M who wish to experience an extended orientation program. At camp, we seek to create a fun and open atmosphere, in which new students will be welcomed into the Aggie Family.

Venture Camps backpacking and paddling, both programs coordinated in collaboration with the Departments of Student Activities and Recreational Sports is a wilderness experience available for new Aggies to meet other new students and learn about the traditions of Aggieland while trying some fun adventures in backpacking and paddling.

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