Texas A&M: Texas A&M Forest Service Mobilized For Out-Of-State Wildfires

Twenty-five Texas A&M Forest Service personnel and operational fire resources, including two engine crews, are currently deployed to out-of-state wildfire incidents in Colorado, Arizona, Alaska, New Mexico and Florida.

With increased fire activity occurring in multiple areas across the country, resources from around the nation mobilize to assist other states during times of need.

Texas state resources are supporting wildfire suppression efforts in multiple roles, including fire fighting, engine support, prevention team members, aviation operations and support functions.

“We are glad to be in the position to assist other states,” said Wes Moorehead, Texas A&M Forest Service assistant director. “Texas A&M Forest Service, however, remains dedicated to protecting Texas’ citizens and natural resources from wildfire and all-hazard incidents, even as national activity increases. We will continue to monitor conditions and assess needs locally.”

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