Tezos India and TZ APAC Jointly Launch TEZASIA – India’s and Asia’s Biggest Tezos Hackathon Offering Over $200,000 in Prizes & Grants

Bengaluru : Tezos India and TZ APAC have announced the largest Tezos hackathon in Asia (and of course in India too) – TEZASIA! TEZASIA is a Web3 hackathon that welcomes aspiring newcomers, advanced coders, students, professionals, blockchain enthusiasts, and all others who wish to build on the Tezos blockchain. At TEZASIA, the participants stand a chance to win over $100k in Prizes and $100k in grants. The hackathon will open new career opportunities and a chance to work with the best-existing Dapps, platforms, and teams in the Tezos ecosystem.


Tezos India, an organization that builds and empowers the Tezos blockchain ecosystem in India, and TZAPAC, the leading Asia-based blockchain adoption entity supporting the Tezos ecosystem, have co-organised the month-long TEZASIA Hackathon spanning across the Asia-Pacific region. Its registrations are now open and ongoing until July 8th, and thereafter the hackathon will begin on July 10. TEZASIA organizers have tied-up with Unstop to host and manage the hackathon registrations (closes July 8). Participants can register for free as an individual or as a team of four members.


On the basis of the chosen themes, the Hackathon has an eye-catching prize money of $10,000 for the winner, $8,000 for the runner-up, and $5000 for the second runner-up amongst different tracks and themes, and the participants also get to receive an Exceptional Performance Certificate as an NFT. The top 20 projects stand a chance to share a prize pool of $10,000. Interestingly, the ones bagging 4th and 5th Place also receive $1,000 prize money each and an additional $500 for best in every track. There is a special track by Women In Tech (WIT) with a reward amount of $10000. Last but not the least, every participant who will be submitting valid projects during the hackathon, will be given ‘Tezos Swag’, the branded Tezos India merchandise and goodies.


Speaking about the upcoming hackathon, Om Malviya, President, Tezos India said, “It is a one-size-fits-all moment for all to enter and contribute to the Tezos ecosystem through a spectrum of activities mentored by global leaders. TEZASIA will be a defining moment for those aspiring students and enthusiasts with the singular goal of learning and achieving massive heights in their lives.”


Speaking about tapping young talent in the country, Ms. Poorvi Sachar, Head – Operations, Tezos India said, “Tezos India has always been a frontrunner to guide the students, professionals and blockchain enthusiasts of the potential of blockchain technology. Through intensive workshops, mentorship and training, the TEZASIA hackathon is going to be a massive step forward in the right direction. We heartily invite the next generation of blockchain builders and leaders to be a part of this revolution.”


“With its young, digitally-native, and ambitious population, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing rapid Web3 adoption across NFT and crypto wallet ownership in Asia. As of last year, almost half of the global crypto market capitalization is based in the APAC region, which in turn has given rise to some of the industry’s up-and-coming projects and established unicorns. At TZ APAC, we believe that the future of the blockchain ecosystem begins from community-led development, and this year’s TezAsia Hackathon seeks to help build this future. TEZASIA aims to highlight the talent that this region has to offer, showcasing the most promising teams and their game-changing ideas,” said Katherine Ng, Managing Director, TZ APAC.


The TEZASIA hackathon will be organized into two themes ‘Small but great’ and ‘Disrupt all the things’, and shall consist a wide range of tracks covering everything from NFTs to Defi and more. The ‘Small but great’ theme is positioned for newcomers to blockchain development interested in proving their capabilities by building a simple DApp on the Tezos technology stack. Whereas the ‘Disrupt all the things’ theme is intended for teams with a disruptive vision, to showcase a PoC/MVP of their dream Web3 product. The candidates would also find a detailed list of ideas on the platform to increase their chances of winning in each category. As of today, there have been 7000+ registrations already for the hackathon.


Notably, TEZASIA will begin on July 10th with an event-kickoff webinar; the hackathon features extensive 7-day workshops to be held till July 20th 2022, to be followed by Building & Mentoring sessions from July 21st to August 5th 2022. These workshops will take developers through building a Dapp end-to-end on Tezos, explaining each and every step of development right from learning Tezos Smart Contract language to token standards, several Integration Libraries and the Tezos Blockchain in general. Additionally, exploring interesting ideas and lessons about building projects on Tezos through Content & Resource Sharing will be the key focus of this upcoming hackathon to familiarize the candidates. The participants are expected to submit their final projects between August 5th and August 12th, wherein evaluations will also be taking place. Thereafter, on August 16th, a demo of the projects will be showcased and the final results will be announced. Goodies and prize distribution sessions will be taking place for a week after the result announcement.

To register for TEZASIA, visit registration link: https://unstop.com/competition/tezasia-hackathon-tezos-india-357710

Discord Server Link – https://discord.gg/6Pf4rmFBEu