Thakur International School Cambridge celebrates World Photography Day with an impressive workshop

New Delhi: Thakur International School Cambridge has always espoused the cause of introducing its students to meaningful and creative opportunities. Today, World Photography Day was celebrated by inviting an expert to create awareness among students. This progressive school invited Mr Vinay Kumar who also goes by the name Vink Photography. Rather than speak about conventional photography, Mr Vinay guided students about how to use their mobile cameras effectively. As almost everyone owns a mobile phone but not a DSLR, both Thakur International School Cambridge and Vinay felt this was the best approach to take.
The session began with an introduction to basic photography. Students were taken through the different types of gadgets used by contemporary photographers. They were mesmerised about the difference between mobile and DSLR photography. Mr Vinay elucidated about the basic principles of photography and the methods to implement them while clicking photographs. He covered critical aspects such as ISO shutter speed, several modes which one can use and the ways to change video speeds. He concluded it by enlightening students about various opportunities which are available in the field of photography.
Shunila Joy Chauhan, the principal of Thakur International School Cambridge opined “We were fascinated with the idea of introducing our students to the various facets of mobile photography. It was in line with our values to enable our students for exploring new creative pursuits. We were impressed with Mr Vinay’s credentials and enthusiasm and are happy that he could mentor our students effectively”