Thakur International School – Cambridge Celebrates Young Minds on National Thesaurus Week

Thakur International School – Cambridge (TISC), a Mumbai-based educational institution that is famed for nurturing young talent and give them an intellectual foundation, has been celebrating National Thesaurus day throughout the week from 13th January 2020 to 18 January 2020. With an aim to provide experiences beyond the four walls of a standard classroom setup, the school stands true to its motto of Care, Cultivate and Celebrate.

The hunt for the perfect word has made most people use a thesaurus in their everyday lives without knowing much about its significance and origin. To celebrate the man (Peter Mark Roget) behind the first modern thesaurus, National Thesaurus Day is celebrated on 18 January every year. While students and writers are all thankful for the word options available in a thesaurus, TISC decided to host a fun activity for its students. The day began with a talk on the importance of a thesaurus and its origin.

During the course of the day, various games were played that aimed at enhancing and building a child’s vocabulary. The games planned for the students required them to be divided into different groups based on their grades. Students in grades 1 and 2 were made to play a game called ‘synonym rolls’ that needed them to look for five, six and seven letter words in newspapers and magazines, find the meanings of those words and present their findings to the class. The excitement in the air was evident as every group wanted to surpass the other. Similarly, for every higher grade, the games started becoming complex that involved the actual use of a thesaurus to find interesting words. To motivate students to participate, the faculty decided to put up the colorful paper strips used in the game as a library display, later.

Speaking about making learning fun, Mrs. Shunila Joy Chauhan, Principal, TISC, said, “We believe that with interactive and engaging teaching methods, students will realise their potential and discover who they are and what they will be. Also, having fun while learning helps students retain better because the process is memorable. We will continue to host more such fun activities for our children”.

The day ended on a happy and cheerful note as students did something different compared to their daily classroom routine and timetable. Adding a fun element to the regular classroom atmosphere not only helps students learn but also imbibe a sense of self-assured confidence. This is not the first time TISC has made learning a delightful experience for all its students. The school constantly strives to push their students to achieve greater heights and will continue doing the same.