Thakur International School – Cambridge re- opens with Celebration of World Environment Week


Mumbai: Climate change is emerging as the biggest challenge which humankind will have to overcome. Creating awareness about this is critical. Young people all across the world are leading the charge to tackle global climate change. Keeping this in mind, Thakur International School Cambridge decided to begin the first few days of school by conducting several activities so that their students could appreciate the importance of our environment.
The first day of school turned out to be both enlightening as well as enjoyable for the children of Thakur International School Cambridge. Even though World Environment Day was held a week ago on 5th June, the authorities of this school decided to extend the celebrations by a week. On 10th June, which was the first day of school, students across grades attended an interactive session on microgreens. This workshop was conducted by Keya Salot, the founder of Farm2Fam. Surprisingly, several students knew about microgreens and its importance. Students went on to plant their own microgreens such as methi, coriander, radish and many more.
TIS – Cambridge students not only aims to make the environment green but are also ambitious to make the environment animal friendly. This was witnessed through session of PETA which was interspersed with the exciting cackles of young ones. This was because one of the PETA volunteers had worn a cow’s costume and entertained the students. The speaker from PETA spoke about the importance of animals in our natural ecosystem and how children could care for them.
Shunila Joy Chauhan – Principal of Thakur International School – Cambridge opined that “Our school has always believed in the harmonious relationship between man and nature. Our teachers and support staff always keep striving to educate our children about the environment and its well-being. Even though World Environment Day was held a week ago, we felt we could celebrate it with our children even a week later. This is because climate change is an important issue and the incoming generations will have to play a key role in managing it. We make a conscious effort as and when possible to plant saplings with our students in our vicinity. As we believe trees form a vital part of the city’s eco-system. They not only provide shade and fruits but also help in lower the day temperature”
Denizens of the city would certainly appreciate this as temperatures in the city have been rising manifold over the last few years primarily thanks to brazen uprooting of trees. By doing this, our students wish to make our country and its environment green and healthy, she added.