The 3rd Naturopathy Day observed on the theme ‘Nurturing Vitality Through Naturopathy’ at Nisargopchar Ashram in Urli Kanchan

Mumbai: On the occasion of the 3rd Naturopathy Day on November 18, 2020, a three-day long programme on this year’s theme “Nurturing Vitality Through Naturopathy” was organized at the Nisargopchar ashram in Urli Kanchan in collaboration with National Institute of Naturopathy in Pune from Monday to Wednesday.

The highlights of the programme are as follows:

Awareness session on Covid -19 and related safety precautions in day to day life.
Live demonstration of the right techniques of hand washing, wearing masks, steam inhalation, jala neti and preparation of herbal decoctions.
Practical yoga session on asanas, pranayamas and meditation.
Session on naturopathy for vitality
Session on naturopathic diet to improve immunity and health
Session on various naturopathy treatments during COVID-19 pandemic
Distribution of kadha and naturopathic lunch for all the participants

In the inaugural session, Dr Abhishek Devikar, Director, Nisargopchar Ashram shared relevance of naturopathy during this Covid-19 outbreak in course of his welcome address. Shri Wadekar conducted yoga sessions, pranayama and meditation sessions on all three days. Shri Satish coordinated the entire event and demonstrated the safety measures and right way of wearing mask, hand wash, steam inhalation. Ms Bhagwati demonstrated ‘Jala Neti’ technique to the participants. Dr Vandita and Dr Ganesh addressed in the session on various naturopathy modalities for improving vitality and health. Dignitaries who participated in the programme include Dr K. Satyalaxmi, Director, NIN; Dr N G Hegde, Managing Trustee, Nisargopchar Gram Sudhar Trust, among others.


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