The 8th Innovation Design Contest held at Peking University

Peking: The 8th “Schneider Cup” PKU Innovation Design Contest was held at Peking University last December.

The contest is an initiative to promote innovation and entrepreneur startups. Since its launch in October, the contest received dozens of works submitted by students from many PKU schools and departments, which covered topics of health care, environment, housing and other fields.

A total of 15 teams entered the final competition. One project expanded the concept of low-carbon houses and utilized solid waste resource. Another one focused on flexible machinery devices with an effort to improve laryngeal cavity surgery. Each team presented the industry analysis, market demand, innovation ideas of their projects to the judges and audience.

In the defense session, the judges raised questions and gave suggestions from the aspects of science, innovation, application potential, business value, etc. Finally, the project “Laser interference structure-based micro-imaging system based on digital micro-mirror array” won the outstanding award. Two projects “Big manganese awakening – design and application of high-performance, low-cost all manganese-based lithium-rich cathode material” and “The leader of flexible display core materials” won the first prizes.

The contest serves as an important platform for PKU to advance practice activities for students and to strengthen the integration of industry, academia and research. This competition encourages young students to have the spirit of innovation, to enhance hands-on ability and overall capability.

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