The annual Edunet Foundation Impact Report reveals that tech skilling programs have gained momentum in India over last two years

New Delhi Edunet Foundation, an Indian nonprofit that promotes technical skilling, technology innovation and entrepreneurship in youth, came out with its annual impact report recently. The report throws interesting insights about technology skills-based educational programs in the country.

As per the report, around 1 lakh youth from underserved communities enrolled for Edunet run skill-based programs in India. Areas like cloud computing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity were in high demand amongst the young learners. Most learners came from backgrounds where quality experiential education is unavailable. This lacuna creates disparity in last-mile job acquisitions where they tend to lose out on opportunities that the new job market is creating.

The Edunet Impact Report highlights that:

  1. 27,530 school students (mainly between standards 7 to 12) enrolled for online programs had the opportunity to earn industry supported credentials.
  2. Over 100,000 adult learners enrolled into and participated in Edunet Foundation supported programs around technology skilling, with career support.
  3. More than 20,000 school students, from more than 4700 schools, benefitted from mentoring through an online platform supported by the organization.
  4. With 43 institutes and 298 completed projects, the Tech Saksham Program has impacted over 2,400 women students and helped them acquire future skills for rewarding careers in technology.

Nagesh Singh, Executive Director, Edunet Foundation while discussing the report says, “With rapid automation of traditional jobs across industries, there is a need for students to enhance and augment their skills for available “new collar jobs”, and the pandemic has accelerated that need. Our familiarity with blended learning approach gave us a head start in finding our balance after the initial phase of turbulence brought in by the pandemic. In 2021 alone, we engaged with 8257 institutions across 20 states directly and the rest of the country through our beneficiaries.”

All programs supported by Edunet Foundation aim to equip learners with core skills that are necessary to succeed in the emerging workforce.

With its pan India presence, Edunet Foundation is enhancing student employability, promoting technology innovation and creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. Learners get access to diverse global and local resources that allow them to combine global knowledge and their local context to create a uniquely experiential learning experience.

Student voices :

“Self-paced, well-designed courses, customised learnpaths – these are the reasons that make Skillsbuild platform work well for me. The factor that ties all of this together to really help us apply the concepts we learn about data science and analytics is the mentoring sessions and the innovation camp. The weather predicting model we created as part of the camps using real time data helped us to learn the ropes hands on.” – Riya Gupta, Krishna Engineering College

“Mentorship has always been an important way to learn for me as I find it very effective. The program coupled mentorship, relevant skill training, and women empowerment in a balanced way for me. The program has been open and one which gets me over my inhibitions. The program helped me clear an interview with TCS, with the knowledge gained about Python libraries.” – Kirti Mandal, GEC Bharuch

About Edunet Foundation

Edunet Foundation is a non-profit working in the area of skilling, livelihood enhancement and STEM education. Founded in 2015 Edunet Foundation is registered under sections 12AA and 80G of the Income Tax Act. EF has pan India presence with central offices in Bengaluru and Gurugram.

All programs delivered by Edunet Foundation seek to raise the employability and entrepreneurial quotients of participants. It works with a diverse audience accessed through the national school eco-system, industrial training institutes, engineering colleges and other institutions. Skills imparted include career readiness and future skills like problem solving, communication, collaboration; and technical skills ranging from digital literacy to Cloud Computing to Artificial Intelligence.

Edunet Foundation has been a trusted implementation partner for top global technology companies, leading Indian business groups and government entities.

Edunet Foundation also enjoys Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.