The Careers that Gamers Can Choose to Have After Graduating

Based on last year’s data, there are now over 2.5 million people who play different kinds of video games worldwide. Newzoo also recently forecasted that this year, the global gaming market will be able to make over 155 billion US dollars of revenue with a year-on-year growth of 9.3 percent.

It does help that many people now seem to have the time to play games because of the pandemic. Playing games, online or not, has become the escape of many during this health crisis. Definitely, the lockdowns that happened in different countries have become part of the growth drivers of the gaming industry this year.

Games like The Last of Us Part Two have recently been released and many are saying that this will be the game of the decade. Even before the game was released, people already paid for it. This just shows how much gamers are now willing to spend money on games. Even online casino gaming has seen growth in the last few months. More people now find India sports betting and casino sites more convenient and somehow, this makes them more willing to spend money on these.

As the gaming and gambling industry grows, the need for experts in these fields are also rising and India is not far behind when it comes to producing many talented gamers and developers. In fact, many students in India now seems to have a great interest in designing and programming skills. With this, they are bound to find jobs in the gaming industry. Are you unsure what types of jobs you can get that you can be passionate about as a gamer? Here are some of the titles you may want to know about.

  • Game Designer

A game designer is someone who visualizes game concepts and ideas. Game designers are creative and it’s really best that these people are gamers themselves. They should be able to identify the popular gaming trends and usually, a game would involve multiple game designers.

These people are also the ones who are responsible for determining the intended audience of the game and they should also be able to point out what to improve on the existing games out there. Based on, a game designer has a median salary of 105,550 US dollars annually.

  • Game Programmer

One may think that game designers and programmers are just doing the same thing, but not really. Game programmers are the ones who are heavily knowledgeable on computer codes to create games. Typically, game programmers are graduates in computer science. A game programmer has to be familiar with the programming language and it is an edge if they know multiple programming languages.

And so, these are the people who review the game design plans and code the games. They are the ones who fix the errors or the bugs in the game. They can also be responsible for improving already existing gaming codes. This title has a median salary of 86,550 US dollars a year.

  • Game Tester

Games testers also play a crucial part or role when it comes to game development. They come in once the game developers or programmers already have an output that they could test. Game testers should be very keen on details and they should be able to make detailed reports of the games that they play.

This job is not just about checking for bugs but they should also be able to comment on the different aspects of the games like the styles, genres, and whether the targeted demographics would really enjoy the game. Game testers can earn as much as 63,781 US dollars a year.

  • Gaming Professionally

Professional gaming is probably something that many are dreaming about. Especially now that streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch can easily make gamers into an instant celebrity. As a professional gamer, you either compete in eSports tournaments or stream gaming videos online.

There are many popular professional gamers out there like PewDiePie or Felix Kjellberg with a net worth of over 30 million USD and JackSepticEye or Sean McLoughlin with a net worth of over 16 million USD. Both have millions of followers on YouTube and they earn money from showing ads on their contents and through deals and sponsorships.

  • Game Review Writer

This is the career for gamers who are not really into computer programming and have a lot to say about the games that they play. This job sounds exactly as it seems. You write reviews on newly released games. Of course, you need to be an avid gamer to be effective in this. This falls under the writing industry and the mean annual salary for this job is 73,090 US dollars.

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