The Class of One organized online Ramayana event for Diwali

Noida: The Class of One, an online primary school conducted a webinar on Ramayana lessons in 6 episodes packed with elements of drama, life lessons, and power-packed exciting dance performance. A team of students recited the verses of Ramayana from the book “Ramayana in rhyme by scholastic” with beautiful poetic analogies under the guidance of the teachers and six directors.

The participated students and teachers joined the virtual conference with an online audience of students and their parents. The mentors of TCO1 took this initiative to introduce students to Indian values from early childhood. Indian mythology epic tales are full of adventures and life lessons and teaching students the traditional values in an engaging manner is the easiest way to teach them. The directors present spearheaded the whole webinar.

On the successful completion of Ramayana event, Ms. Divya Jain, Director & Founder, The Class of One, said, “In the times of remote learning, TCO1 is trying to make the classes more experiential and full of engaging study material. This Diwali hosting epic Ramayana event was our one such effort in this direction.”

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