The Coaching Federation of India hosts a virtual introduction meet in Jharkhand

Jharkhand: Today in Jharkhand, Coaching Federation of India (CFI) hosted a virtual event chaired by National Secretary-General Alok Dixit and National Joint Secretary — Mr Prathiteshwar, to introduce the CFI team to the public; to talk about the work they are doing in education sector.

At the event, Dhanbad District President-Shri Manoj Kumar Singh, Hazaribagh District President-Mr. Ritesh and Anish Tyagi from Jamshedpur along with private teachers of Jharkhand were present. During the event, the Coaching Federation of India member spoke about the role of CFI and how they are contributing to the education society and its students. The team also discussed how CFI supported the families of teachers, financially and socially, who died during the pandemic.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Alok Dixit, General Secretary of Coaching Federation of India said, “The aim of the Coaching Federation of India is to support the students and teacher community. The COVID-19 disruption has severely impacted the education sector and going forward, the role and importance of coaching institutes in India must be recognized. Providing financial aid and economically supporting teachers is a small initiative from CFI to help them and their families in the times of distress.”

Various other reputed teachers like Vinay Sharma, Ravindra Vishwakarma , Vikas Tiwari, Shrivastava and more than 60 other dignitaries decided their roles and responsibility as per the district work and approached others to join the CFI team to maximize the work for the betterment of the society .

Keeping the plight of private teachers and other team members in mind, Mr. Alok Dixit, and Mr. Prathiteswar Jha (National general Joint secretary, CFI) have decided to carve a solid and clear cut strategy to improve the work done by CFI team and build the confidence level of private teachers in the Jharkhand district and provide them with support in these difficult times.


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