The debate club of PetrSU “Debaters Today, Leaders Tomorrow” held a master class

Scientific communication is a new concept and a new professional industry in Russia, which is based on the processes and mechanisms for promoting scientific ideas within the scientific community, as well as outside it. “Presenting” science is interesting and exciting – this is a trend that is gaining momentum in our country as well. NauchRok, 15×4 Talks, Science Slam, Science Up, Dance Your Thesis and, of course, TED conferences are just a few examples of informal science aimed at an entertaining and unusual way of presenting and popularizing it.
In preparation for the TED-conference of winners and awardees of the 73rd April conference of PetrSU for students of the Student Scientific Society of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of PetrSU, the English Debate Club of PetrSU “Debaters Today, Leaders Tomorrow” held a master class “Content. Visualization. Speech”. The event was held by the trainers of the debate club, teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​Lilia Nailievna Yusupova and Tatiana Mikhailovna Tatarina, as well as experienced speakers and residents of the club Evgeny Nikolaev, 4th year student of IIPSN, and Maria Pimenova, 6th year student of IIPSN.

During the meeting, the participants learned about the features of the format and speaking at TED conferences. We got useful information about preparing high-quality presentation content, effective presentation visuals and vivid speech. Particular attention was paid to how to keep the viewer’s attention on yourself. The participants noted that they really liked the interactive, the task of which was to draw their research and to defend it in 3 minutes, and also the feedback from people experienced in public speaking is especially valuable for improving the performance.

Andrey Ermakov, Chairman of the Student Scientific Society of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, said:

The guys were very inspired by the master class. The English debate club impressed with its openness and friendliness, and the master class impressed with how competently and structured the material was divided: everyone talked about what he was good at. I remember the integrity of the event, its consistency and completeness. I caught a couple of interesting insights: several instrumental and one ideological.

Karina Novokshanova, 2nd year student of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology:

The most interesting master class. At this moment, I had only two questions: how to redo the presentation and what should be removed from the text. In this master class I answered myself these questions. Redesigning your presentation is definitely worth it. I have already met some of the speakers at conferences and once again made sure that the debate club is very solid! I liked the interactive, had a good conversation!

Ekaterina Mikheeva, 2nd year student at the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy:

I am grateful to teachers, students and participants for the feedback on the interactive about what should be improved in my performance and what personal qualities should be revealed and worked out more in oneself.


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