The delicious flavour of Pulse now launched in Pulse Shots!

Noida: Pulse, the no 1 candy in the country, from the DS Group is now available in round small bite size flavour bombs, ‘Pulse Shots’. These shots come in Pulse candy’s delectable Kachcha Aam flavour with a tangy surprise in the centre, all packed in a bite-sized candy. Pulse Shots is the result of consumer insights of wanting enjoyment of flavours quicker with matching innovation.


Pulse Shots are an ideal choice for people, who want the fun and exciting explosion of flavour and tanginess in a regular candy, sooner and quicker. Unfortunately, in a fast paced world of today, waiting is inevitable; the wait for the elevator, the wait for the phone to beep, the wait outside a trial room and many more. However, now one does not need to wait to enjoy the delectable blast of Pulse, which is quicker and more pleasurable for the consumer with ‘Pulse shots’. The bite- sized candy may look deceptive, but is as masaledar as the big candy.


Pulse Shots come in a multi piece pouch of about 9-10 shots, priced at Rs 5/- for a 17g pack. So, it is perfect to share with friends and family; taking a cue of coming closer by sharing happiness in our lives, from the umbrella brand Pass Pass to spread the pulse of friendship, quick and fast.


Pass Pass Pulse, the candy from DS Group stormed the hard-boiled candy market with its launch in 2015 and has maintained its position of No.1 hard boiled candy brand in India, for the last three consecutive years. Pulse Candy, has a tangy twist to it that makes it a standout! It offers an experience that starts with a fruity taste and peaks with a tangy surprise; a mouth full of fun and peculiarity, the consumers love. Pulse is available in five flavours – Kachcha Aam, Guava, Orange, Pineapple and Litchi.


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