The Design Village Student Collection “Phaag” is Selected to Exhibit at Salone Del Mobile, Milan Fair, Italy

New Delhi: The Design Village Noida is selected to exhibit its collection Phaag at Salone del Mobile Milan Fair, Italy. Out of 300 institutes worldwide the Design Village is one of the two only Indian colleges to display its collection at Milan Fair. Phaag is a project by Sachin Choyal student of Master in Fashion and Textile Design at The Design Village.


Founding Member of The Design Village Mridu Sahai said “The apocalypse we are in, is engulfing and disruptive. But it is in disruption where Design Villagers thrive, adapt and step up. It fills me with pride that the graduates exemplify more than ever, the TDV values of being compassionate, perseverant, courageous and aware. Here’s to the bright future of design, Of heightened responsibilities and endearing resilience.”


Phaag is a collection celebrating the Indian festival of colors using textile wastes. It draws inspiration from the vibrant attire worn by the artisans and women in the state of Rajasthan. Sachin Choyal, positioned his master’s dissertation around upliftment of craft clusters. What started off as a mapping of sustainable practices of using pre and post-consumer textile waste within rural communities of Haryana, India developed into a study of multiple aspects of sustainability itself.


Sachin Choyal says “My goal is not only to increase the lifespan of the material which otherwise just goes to landfills but also to generate livelihood for the rural handloom weavers especially for the women artisans who are not allowed to work outside their home”.