The Design Village Students win International Biodesign Challenge 2021 SPOIL (Sustainable Packaging for Oil)

New Delhi: The Design Village (TDV) students team participated in SPOIL – (Sustainable Packaging for Oil ) projects as finalists at the Biodesign Challenge Summit 2021 and became the first-ever South Asian Institute to participate and win two prizes at the Biodesign Challenge. Total 52 teams from 20 countries joined the summit out of which The Design Village’s project team and the mentors were awarded the Community Choice Prize and the Outstanding Instructors prize respectively.

The Anusha Dhawan, (Best instructor awardee, Bio Design Challenge 2021) said, “The project was done as a part of the Biodesign Challenge 2021 where two teams from The Design Village worked on the theme of the intersection of Industry and life, looking at living systems to design transdisciplinary proposals that bring biology, design and technology together to aid towards Sustainable Development Goals”.

The aim of the summit was to develop ideas that bridge art, design, and biology to reimagine a more sustainable and equitable future and to explore the ethical implications of current and future biotech and where it contributes to world-building.

Tanish Agrawal, Arshad Bajil Kuttasseri, Natasha Singh, Kunika Sharma participated in the Biodesign challenge under the guidance of Anusha Dhawan, Sneha Ravishankar.

Biodesign is an emerging discipline at the intersection of biology, art, and design. Bio designers work with living systems to make new materials and products, respond to problems, and critique how biotechnology is used today and might be used in the future.