The Edutech startup myTutorHub launches ClassInApp – A super app that is a one stop Solution for every School

New Delhi:  myTutorHub, an online tutoring platform built by US-based Ed-Tech company, myTutorHub Inc., in the year 2021 launches ClassInApp, a mobile application to empower schools with the right software for an experiential virtual classroom. This application aims to provide a smooth remote learning experience for all the students where they can interact and learn from the teachers and peers. The mobile application is user-friendly and available on android phones


ClassInApp not only focuses on academics to improve the teaching and learning process for both teachers and students but also on commercials to attract and retain prospective students and revenue collection. This platform enables and streamlines all processes for schools and helps them to become the industry influencer.


The state-of-the-art LMS offers various useful features – Live Classes; where Virtual classrooms allow two-sided interaction between the teacher, students, and among their classmates. Digital whiteboards, presentations, videos, and lecture slides facilitate deeper learning. Online Assessment; students can take mock tests on various subjects at regular intervals to prepare for the final exams to measure knowledge gaps and monitor progress in a fun and creative way and Personalized Analytics; Leverage personalized analytical data to know where students are in their learning journey, track their progress and provide individualized instruction. Guides learners on a personalized path to reaching a learning goal.


According to Ashish Dixit, Founding Chairman, “We at myTutorHub focus on bringing in innovative tech tools and services that will bridge the gap between the teachers and students with regards to virtual learning. Our main goal while creating the app was to create a hassle-free remote classroom with an upgrade to interactive sessions and a learning experience.


ClassInApp’s dedicated end-to-end school management system software can systemize and organize the admission process from start to finish by finding, engaging, and enrolling the right students for schools with secure cloud-enabled student admission software. It can help manage a dynamic number of fee categories (like transportation, student fee, etc.) conveniently.


Accessing data of fees becomes easy that are collected through various modes of payment and generate diversified reports using ClassInApp ERP software. One can record students’ marks (whether for class/unit tests or exams) minus all the offline hassle so they and their parents can see the result from anywhere, anytime. On top of that, this SuperApp shares analytics and reports for all areas like fee management, admissions, transport, parent engagement, etc. so one can make smart and efficient decisions


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