New Delhi: As the government relaxes the lockdown 4.0, organisations across the country gear up to resume operations. Having successfully navigated through both SARS and the GFC, with over 26 years of experience in managing flexible workspaces, TEC outlines its learnings on measures to be undertaken to ensure safety and hygiene at the workplace.

As the world fights a global pandemic, the importance of flexibility in workspaces is more pronounced than ever. This puts pressure on workspace providers to ensure global hygiene standards and stringent sanitation protocols which should be followed across all properties across the country.

Social Distancing as the New Normal
Embracing social distancing as a cardinal rule is crucial at TEC. Maintaining at least six feet distance is followed among its Members and employees at all times. As per TEC’s global standards, TEC has always had low-density floor plans, thus, making it easier to adapt to these new social distancing norms.

Enforcing a ‘No Contact’ policy
Business concierge is instructed to drop off all packages at one main entry point, so Members do not have to get in proximity with delivery associates.

Temperature checks at all entry points
To ensure all Members are provided with a safe work environment, there is a single point of entry access to the centre. There are temperature checks carried out, sanitisers, masks and health kits are also made available. In case a high temperature is recorded at the entry point, they are advised to seek medical assistance/treatment and are prohibited to enter into the space.

Stringent no-compromise sanitation protocols
As per TEC’s global hygiene standards, sanitation is done on a regular basis. All the common areas where Members have access are sanitised twice a day with Dettol Disinfectant Spray and Diversey Virex II 256. High touch areas such as doorknobs, door handles, café/breakout area, common areas with seating arrangements etc. are also sanitised every two hours during office hours.

Embrace digital technologies to stay connected
Leveraging digital tools such as TEC app and MyTEC, allows all TEC Members to connect across its global network. Through its app, TEC provides access to over 135+ locations globally. Through the TEC portal, TEC Members have access to over 27,000+ Members across the world.

TEC has also been organising webinars with global opinion leaders, leveraging its digital and professional platforms to provide valuable information to its network of Members. TEC is ensuring that these workshops, webinars and other events, help in addressing the challenges and opportunities of its Members ranging from mental health, productivity and business continuity plans.

Owing to its presence across 14 markets globally, especially in markets such as China and South Korea, TEC is constantly sharing advisory and key learnings on measures to undertake whilst resuming operations.

Training staff
All TEC staff have been trained to follow all necessary safety protocols deployed. They are trained on the right ways to manage PPE and steps to be followed during their work hours.