The first institution outside Europe to gain international recognition HKU Periodontology postgraduate programme receives European Federation of Periodontology accreditation

The Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) (Periodontology) programme of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) has received European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) accreditation.

The Faculty is the first outside Europe to have received accreditation from EFP. There are now 16 EFP-accredited programmes in 12 countries: Belgium (2), France (2), Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel (2), Italy, Netherlands, Spain (2), Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Director of the programme, HKU Clinical Professor in Periodontology Maurizio Tonetti said they are delighted and proud to meet the EFP standards for specialist training. He said: “Over half of the burden of periodontitis affects populations in this region of the world and we are committed to training the leaders required to meet this challenge. I am very pleased that the EFP is supporting us in our vision and look forward to fruitful exchanges with the other programmes.”

The three-year programme seeks to nurture clinical and academic specialists in periodontology. Students spend 40% of their time in supervised patient care at specialist level, 30% in teaching and learning, and 30% in research. The clinical studies are conducted at the Faculty’s Institute of Advanced Dentistry Multi-Specialty Clinic.

Professor Tonetti added: “Besides the important recognition of the international standards of the program, and thanks to the harmonization of the curriculum and of the final examination that is conducted with an EFP appointed external examiner, graduates also receive a certificate of completion of specialist training in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry from the EFP. ”

The first EFP certificate will be awarded to the 2020 graduating class. As EFP alumni, the graduates will have access to exclusive opportunities of exchange and continuing professional development together with their peers all over the world. In Hong Kong, the MDS programme remains the foundation necessary to continue the path leading to specialist registration in the territory.

HKU Clinical Assistant Professor in Periodontology and programme co-director Dr George Pelekos said: “Achievements of this magnitude are the fruits of excellent teamwork and dedication of the students and the whole team.”

Chairman of the Periodontology Specialty Board at the HK Academy of Medicine and HKU Clinical Professor in Periodontology Professor WK Leung also said: “This accomplishment is part of our commitment in enhancing the health of the population in Hong Kong and beyond and facilitate development of the specialty.”

Professor Lijian Jin, HKU Clinical Professor in Periodontology and FDI World Dental Federation and The International Association for Dental Research council member remarked: “This is an example of the critical global leadership role that the Periodontology team plays in the promotion of oral health and the potential to transform standards in this region of the world.”

Other full-time teachers of the Programme include Dr Dominic Ho and Dr Stanley Lai, Clinical Assistant Professors in Periodontology and Dr Elvis Tsang, Principal Clinical Dental Instructor in Periodontolog. Part-time teachers include Dr Dae-Yun Lee, Dr Dave Chan, Dr Judy Tse, Dr Melissa Fok, and Dr Janet Wong.