The funds of the Scientific Library have been replenished with a new book

The Scientific Library of PetrSU thanks the Associate Professor of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of PetrSU Ernest Iosifovich Tsypkin for the book “The Course of Church Law”.
This is the first edition of the main work of Nikolai Semyonovich Suvorov (1848-1909), an ordinary professor at the Imperial Moscow University.

The textbook was published in Yaroslavl in 1889-1890 in two volumes and is a convolution. The first volume offers a historical overview of the church system and the sources of church law. The second volume includes a dogmatic presentation of the church structure, the doctrine of church government and the doctrine of the external relations of the church.

An additional value to the book is given by the owner’s stamp of Georgy Mikhailovich Petrov (1858-?), The actual state councilor, assistant to the state secretary of the State Council. GM Petrov owned a significant library, which included approximately 4000 volumes.