The funds of the Scientific Library have been replenished with a unique book

The monograph about the events of the Civil War was donated to the Scientific Library of PetrSU.
Monograph “In the Abyss of the Civil War: Karelians in Search of Survival Strategies. 1917-1922. – M.; SPb. : Nestor-History, 2021 ” covers the events of the civil war that unfolded in the territory of Russian Karelia. The study is based on the Karelian peasantry, which found itself in the center of a fierce military confrontation. Separate chapters are devoted to the creation of the Karelian Labor Commune and the Karelian uprising. The book pays special attention to the organization of the Karelian regiment and the formation of the Provisional Committee of the White Sea Karelia in the northwest of the region.
The publication is filled with archival materials of the Finnish General Staff, reports of Finnish politicians, memoirs of Finnish volunteers and Karelian peasants, supplied with a large number of photographs and maps.

The authors of the book are historian, Ph.D., associate professor of the University of Helsinki Marina Aleksandrovna Vitukhnovskaya-Kauppala and Aleksandr Yuryevich Osipov, researcher, candidate of historical sciences, employee of the University of Eastern Finland.

The Administration of the Scientific Library of Petrozavodsk State University thanks the authors for the book donated.

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