The Gender Gap in STEM


In the 16th episode of the IIMB Podcast Series, to be broadcast on April 11th, Dr. Nilam Kaushik, faculty in the Strategy area, says while stereotypes and cultural norms dampen girls’ interest in STEM, the disparities can be countered with smart changes

Bangalore: Dr Nilam Kaushik, faculty in the Strategy area at IIM Bangalore and IIMB Young Faculty Research Chair, will engage with students on gender concerns in STEM education and associated employment opportunities, on April 11th (Sunday). With just 30% of the world’s scientists being women, as per a recent study by the United Nations, gender representation in STEM fields is an ongoing struggle. The episode features discussions around gender disparity in STEM education and jobs, in the global and Indian contexts. Prof. Nilam Kaushik also draws upon her own experiences having worked in the technology sector. She highlights the socio-cultural nuances associated with gender around the world and talks about how preference for competitive work environments also impacts gender ratios in organizations. She also provides a detailed analysis on existing solutions and lists possible options which can promote STEM education among girls.

Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud:


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