The George Institute for Global Health and Manipal Academy of Higher Education join hands to promote excellence in public health research

New Delhi: The George Institute for Global Health in India (TGI) and the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) have joined hands to promote public health research in India and to build the capacity of budding researchers to do cutting-edge research in the area. The partnership is focused on addressing real-world health challenges through the development and testing of innovative solutions that bridge the gap between research and policy.

As part of the partnership, researchers from both institutions would work together to promote evidence-based research. This will be done by creating a system whereby researchers from the two institutions will work together in the spirit of cross-fertilization of best ideas and solutions to health challenges facing the country

Announcing the partnership, Prof Vivekanand Jha, Executive Director, George Institute for Global Health, India said the George Institute works with world-class institutions across all its offices, including the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; University of Oxford, UK and the Peking University Health Science Centre, Beijing, China. “We hope this partnership evolves along similar lines. As the popular saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step”.

Welcoming the initiative, Dr. H Vinod Bhat, Vice-Chancellor, MAHE, said “We are excited about this partnership and will work together to promote excellence in the field of public health and produce high-quality outputs. MAHE has a high tradition of promoting research and excellence and we see this partnership as a stellar example further accentuating our recent recognition as an “institution of eminence”.

As part of the affiliation agreement, eligible TGI researchers will receive faculty affiliations at MAHE and develop joint proposals for conducting world-class research. “Capacity building of future researchers in the area will be the focus of the partnership,” said Dr Jha.

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