The Gera School Kickstarts the New Academic Year 2021 with 200 Admissions

Provides unique teaching approach to improve the online classes

Panaji: The Gera School (TGS), one of the very prestigious schools in Goa, recognised by the nationally and internationally accepted Cambridge Board has welcomed around 200 students in this academic year 2021. The school aims to provide a superlative learning experience to the students by providing an innovative and unique online teaching approach.

The Gera School has introduced a novel approach, flipped teaching and learning, where there is a 100% engagement of the students not only through learning but also demonstrating the same to their peers as well as teachers. This approach has provided the students more comprehensive tools and resources to help them with their learning. This has also made the students more flexible, resilient and independent.

Carol Joseph, Principal, The Gera School said, “The pandemic has changed the teaching methods forever. The year-long lockdown allowed educators to explore online mediums to provide education to their pupils. Although, at the initial stages it was difficult to suddenly adopt the new ways on the positive side it has introduced a more hybrid model of teaching. The situation at TGS is no different as the teachers are implementing innovative and digital learning skills, rethinking how to assign tasks, engaging learners from afar, and creating ways for collaboration.”

Mr. Joseph further added that, “The teaching process is never only about content. It is always about conceptual learning. Why do we learn what we learn? (as much as possible) and how can we apply it or integrate it with other subjects? We spent a lot of time training the trainer, i.e. the teacher – for finally the battle is fought by the soldier in the trenches, no?!) We ensured that there was professional as well as self-development.”

The teachers at TGS have also integrated tools like Zoom, Google Classrooms with Padlet, Mentimeter and Kahoot to enhance the learning experience. Using these tools has made the learning process enjoyable for the students. In addition, it has helped the teachers analyze how their students are grasping and resolving all their learning problems effectively.

TGS has taken extraordinary efforts to build strong relationships and establish a rapport with not only the students but also the teachers – whether it is a small chit-chat at the startof the class with the students or a one-on-one session with the parents every fortnight.

The school has made sure to dedicate time to extracurricular activities and events during the pandemic. From online talent shows, Ad-mad shows and a Science fair to online Annual day. This has created a sense of normalcy with the whole school when many feel isolated and stressed.

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