The Gera School Resumes physical classes and activities for all standards

Opens Admissions for the academic year 2022 with a target of 300 students


Panaji : After 2 years of quiet corridors and empty classrooms, school gates across the state have reopened to the joyful return of students and teachers. The months of intensive preparation and planning that went into reopening The Gera School safely have paid off, as parents felt confident sending their children to a physical school. The Directorate of Education Goa declared Schools open to students from Grade 1 – Grade 10. With this, The Gera School has commenced the admissions for the new academic year with a target of 300 students in 2022.

Welcoming the student heartily for the first day, the Principal, Carol Joseph, The Gera School said, “the students should be appreciated for being brave, resilient and strong through these trying times. This is true for all students across the nation and worldwide. The young ones have been and are valiant in times of uncertainty and displayed a spirit of courage; all this was possible because of parents, caregivers, and staff who stood firm beside our students through the past two years. The battle isn’t over yet”.

With students back in school, The Gera School strive to excel at few checkpoints focusing for all Parents and Caregivers across the state and nation alike. Firstly, recognize that students may feel anxious at the start of the school year and emphasize social and emotional learning while building the classroom community again. Secondly, while being mindful to address the unfinished education and syllabus with students to be patient, provide the appropriate tools needed to grasp concepts. Thirdly, along with dedicated staff, parents and caregivers, strive to connect with students to help them feel valued, accepted, and safe as they return to the classrooms.

Alongside all of this, The Gera School strive to nurture individuality and let their student enjoy the great outdoors with programmes such as Martial Arts, Football, Gymnastic and Table tennis Training in the sports section and Dancing, singing, drama and music in the classroom for Co-curricular.


About The Gera School:

The Gera School, located at Kadamba Plateau, is recognized by the nationally and internationally accepted Cambridge Board. It is a co-educational day-boarding International school. It commenced in 2018 for Pre-primary and Primary up to the 4th standard and, over time, has expanded up to the 9th grade. (The School will soon be a K – 12 school.)

The school boasts of world-class infrastructure and facilities in an over-four-acre campus. These include a state-of-the-art auditorium, specially-designed smart classrooms, dedicated rooms for music and the arts, a well-equipped and spacious library for collaborative and independent reading, a range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and Science and Computer Laboratories. Apart from academics, TGS gives a lot of importance to extracurricular activities including drama, music, art, gymnastics, and Martial Arts amongst others.

The Gera School offers an international curriculum of high standards while drawing inspiration from the rich experiences that life in India provides. The academic curriculum is designed to foster a sense of responsibility, critical thinking and reasoning, global awareness, and civic engagement among the students, thus preparing them to be true citizens of the 21st century. The teaching is activity and application-based, experiential, interactive, and differentiated (to cater to the different needs of learners).

The Gera School recognizes that academic proficiency alone is not enough. A school must prepare children for a world that is constantly changing. What will ensure success are excellent communication skills, collaborative skills, and attributes of creativity and innovativeness, resilience, and perseverance. Accordingly, the school has a life skills program focusing on relationships and communication, teamwork and project management, and entrepreneurship.

It is to these ends that TGS will work so that every child is led towards self-actualization with a variety of challenging but enjoyable learning experiences in and out of the classroom. The values of trust, quality, customer first, and innovation will continue to guide the School.

Furthermore, parents of students studying in TGS aspiring to send their children abroad will certainly benefit as the Cambridge certifications are recognized and rated highly all over the world.

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