The Hebrew University of Jerusalem invites applications for its M.Sc. program in Environmental Economics & Management

 The M.Sc. program in Environmental Economics & Management provides a deep understanding of the interaction between economic systems and the environment. It equips students with practical tools for internalizing environmental and natural resource considerations in policy and managerial decision-making.

The master’s program focuses on economic issues in the areas of environmental and natural resources, marketing, and finance. These include public economics and government intervention to control environmental effects; planning of efficient extraction and use of natural resources; allocation of water and land resources; regulation of agricultural product marketing in local and export markets; industrial organization; economics of the family; mechanism design; game theory; political economy, and more. Students participate in research as part of their master’s thesis.

Program delivery

Taught entirely in English, the master’s program offers three study tracks: a thesis track, a thesis track in the area of marketing, and a non-thesis track. The thesis tracks require a scope of 32 credits, of which 2 are seminars in Environmental Economics and Management. The non-thesis track requires a scope of 44 credits, of which 4 are theoretical seminars.

The master’s degree studies extend over two years. Securing a supervisor in advance is not required. However, within 10 months from the beginning of the studies, the student should find a supervisor and submit a research plan, otherwise, he/she can continue the program in the Non-Thesis Tack.


Admission process:

Students applying for the M.Sc. in Environmental Economics & Management program are required to submit their applications at and fill in the application. Students can also connect with Ms. Orit Krakover at [email protected] for any further assistance and information.

Admission Cycle:

The admission cycle for the M.Sc. in Environmental Economics & Management program is open for all international students with an application deadline of October 01, 2022

Admission Requirements:

The program requires students to have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university in Economics (including Environmental Economics) or an Accounting or Business Administration degree.

Students are required to have a GPA of 80 or above (B- on the letter scale) along with at least 6.0 on the IELTS English proficiency test. While relevant experience is recommended, it is not mandatory.

Tuition: Approx. $5,300 for international students per year. Based on the department’s needs, students may have a teaching assistant position, which provides income and exemption from tuition based on the extent of the position.