The Importance of Education Programs to Lessen the Harms and Risks of a taboo subject

Gaming continues to become a more common activity and less of a taboo subject. With more countries finally regulating different forms of gambling, people are just starting to show more interest in it. Today, gambling activities such as lotteries, casino gaming, and sports betting are now more accessible than ever thanks to the industry’s online segment.

The online gambling industry alone is already worth over 64 billion US dollars and it is still projected to grow in the coming years. reports that the online segment of the gambling industry would be able to reach a value of over 112 billion US dollars in the next four years with a CAGR of 12 percent.

With these numbers, we can only expect that more people will be gambling online in the coming years. Whether it’s casino gaming or IPL 2021 gambling, we’ll see more websites offering these, and it’s no secret that gambling of any kind comes with some risks. This is why public and private organizations are starting to look into preventing gambling problems by launching educational campaigns.

Poland’s Move to Combat Underage Gambling

Poland is a country that allows private companies to offer betting and lotteries online to its locals but it’s still quite restrictive. Still, the Polish gambling industry here is worth over €5 billion and this makes the country have the potential to become one of the most important iGaming markets in Europe.

Recently, Poland’s Ministry of Finance Krajowa Administracja Skarbowa (KAS) relaunched an awareness campaign targeting to educate the country’s young population about gambling addiction and illegal gambling. The campaign is called ‘Gambling? Don’t Get Involved!’ and it targets people under the legal age of 18.

The campaign is surely gaining attention as its previous two phases were joined by around 110,000 parents and students. The said relaunch is also supported by Poland’s Minister of Education and Science. Head of KAS, Magdalena Rzeczkowska, talked about the importance of this campaign.

She said, “Educating young people is a very important task, and illegal gambling is a problem not only for us, who are fighting it. It affects addicts, plus their family and friends. With our program, we want to show the dangers of participating in gambling and warn against them.”

GambleAware To Invest More in Gambling Education Hubs in England and Wales

Meanwhile, Gamble Aware is one of the United Kingdom’s primary problem gambling charity groups that has invested in the country’s first academic research hub that supports research on gambling harm. Gamble Aware previously announced that they will be investing 5.5 million USD for this and recently, they also announced that they will be investing 3.4 million USD more for the expansion of the service to England and Wales.

The charity group sees that there just isn’t enough research into problem gambling just yet. With the investment, they should be able to allow a British university to develop activities tied to the field.

According to Gamble Aware’s announcement on this investment, they are aiming for the research hub to have a significant impact on the whole gambling research landscape not only within Great Britain but also across the Globe. They, however, pointed out that the hub should be able to secure alternative funding to allow continued growth and development beyond the initial grant award for its long-term viability.

The group acknowledged that many people in Great Britain are experiencing difficulties not only with their gambling habits but also because of someone else’s. They see that through education practitioners across the UK, England, and Wales, the risk of gambling, particularly to the younger population, could be lessened.

GambleAware now looks for people with a strong academic track record in the fields of public health, psychology, health economics, clinical health, and epidemiology. The group’s interim research director, Alison Clare, said that this is a grant award to the smaller projects and programs of their organization’s portfolio as they are now taking a much more arm’s length approach in guiding the area of research focus.

The research hubs will have differences in curriculums, languages, regions, need, and demand, and political and other contexts as these will all be specific to each nation.

Two separate invitations for tender are already launched by the organization for this and the deadline for applications is on November 2, 2021, by noon. Gamble Aware outlined that the bidders should be able to It affects addicts, plus their family and friends. With our program, we want to show the dangers of participating in gambling and warn against them.”

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