The Indian premiere of Duncan Macmillan’s “Lungs”, a critically acclaimed play about the planet, people and parenthood. 16 – 19 June 2022 | JBT Box, NCPA

Lungs is a climate crisis play that brings the angst of an entire generation to the stage, as a couple discusses the environmental impact of having a baby. The play will be performed at an all-new traverse Black Box theatre at the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, the “JBT Box”.

This is a thought-provoking exploration of love and relationships in a flawed, environmentally damaged world. Written by the critically acclaimed British writer Duncan Macmillan, Lungs is a witty, tender and profound play, now adapted to the Indian context for 6 shows only.

“Duncan Macmillan’s distinctive, off-kilter love story is honest, funny, edgy and current.” —The Guardian

The play takes us on an intimate journey between the couple, as they grapple with their responsibilities towards our planet. What follows is a conversation that spans a lifetime and encompasses, within its words, a story of love and contemplation, anchored in a sense of responsibility towards our planet.

“It is simply a picture of flawed love, set on a flawed planet.” – Arifa Akbar, The Guardian

Bruce Guthrie, Head of Theatre at the NCPA“In the face of eco-anxiety and an uncertain future, this is a relatable, relevant and real discussion for many young couples around the globe. The writing is crisp, intelligent and quick, and the conversation moves on just before you’re quite ready, leaving you wanting more!”

Quasar Thakore-Padamsee, Director QTP“Macmillan holds a special place in my heart. As a director, it’s an honour to bring his work to stage. When I first came across Lungs, I was just mesmerized. It’s a passion project for me and we are excited to bring it to an intimate stage, the JBT Box. It’s a personal play, for us, as artists, but also for the audience, who will see a reflection of themselves in the conversations.”

The Sanctuary Nature Foundation is the “Environment Partner” for the play. Bittu Sahgal, Founder, says: “I strongly believe in the power of performance arts as a way to reach and change human minds and hearts. Though the issues are made out to be complex, they are in fact very straightforward and simple. We are dependent on the biosphere to provide us with clean water, food and air. Understanding that declaring war on nature mounts to a declaration of war on ourselves is the first step, and the play LUNGS sheds light on just this reality.”

Directed by Quasar Thakore Padamsee, performed by Dilnaz Irani and Prashant Prakash, watch Lungs from June 16 – June 19.