The Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences is conducting career guidance work

On the basis of the Derzhavinsky Lyceum Municipal Educational Institution, classes began in the Renga Architecture software environment. Based on the results of the lessons, the students will develop the design of a small residential building.
Classes are held in the 11th grade of the information and linguistic profile within the framework of the Engineering and Architecture School of the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences.

School teachers – associate professors of the Department of Technology and Organization of Construction Yu.V. Nikonov and M.I. Zaitsev – introduce children to work in Renga Architecture software environment from “Ascon” – Russian software company, the largest developer of software provider in the field of automation of design and production activities. During the semester, students will master the basics of the architecture of a low-rise building, get acquainted with the engineering support of a residential building and develop the design of a small residential building and a bus station building.

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