The Karelian Souvenir ensemble joined the Kruuga flash mob

9 August International Day of the World’s Indigenous People. Every year on August 9, the peoples of the republic unite in the Karelian dance “Kruuga costumes”. This year, the Ministry of National Policy of Karelia invited all residents of Karelia to spin around in the dances of national costumes in an online format.
PetrSU folk dance collective “Karelian Souvenir” joined the #KruugaKostiumov flash mob and presented Karelian, Vepsian and Finnish costumes, which are adapted to the performance of folk stage and folk stylized dances.

The repertoire of the collective includes many Karelian dances and various costumes were sewn for their performance, some of which can only be seen in old black-and-white photographs. Some details may change in the costumes currently in use.

Some of the costumes for Vepsian dances of our collective are more than 40 years old. One of them was made according to the illustration by E. V. Smirnov from the book “Northern Quadrille” with a recording of dances staged by the famous Karelian choreographer Vasily Ivanovich Kononov.

The Finnish costumes of our team are also diverse – these are different types of sundresses for girls, shoes, many details (such as ribbons, brooches, leggings), said the head of the ensemble G.N. Kagachev, congratulating everyone on the holiday.

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