The Mindfulness Center of IIM Bodh Gaya celebrated the World Mental Health Day

Bodh Gaya: World Mental Health Day is celebrated on the 10th of October every year to acknowledge the significance of mental health and spread awareness about it. For the overall well-being of an individual, sound mental health is of prime importance but unfortunately, there is the stigma around its treatment process.
IIM Bodh Gaya has always been a believer and doer in the field of mental health. It strongly advocates the benefits of mindfulness. The institute’s mindfulness center ‘Samatvam’ – was built to encourage its fraternity to achieve ‘Samatvam’ or ‘evenness of mind’. It aims to hone future leaders to be more mindful and grow holistically.
To honor the occasion of World Mental Health Day, the mindfulness center partnered with ‘YourDost’ – an online counseling and emotional wellness coach. It enabled people to seek help in times of emotional distress without any hesitance. This collaboration aims to normalize the conversation around seeking professional help to attain mental well-being. The center also launched its weekly mindfulness series ‘Bodhi Pravaah’ which will host a spectrum of activities such as ‘Music therapies’, ‘ASMR meditation’, ‘Five sense meditation, and much more every Sunday. During the event, an online meditation was organized to help the audience relax. The event was attended by the students as well as all the faculty members. Director Dr. Vinita Sahay also graced it with her presence and spoke a few words highlighting the importance of mental health and also the commitment of the institute to it.
On this occasion, the Media & PR Cell presented a video called ‘What makes you happy’ in which students spoke about the things or people that make them beam in joy. The purpose behind this video was to highlight the fact that often, the things that make us the happiest are very trivial – something which everyone needs to ponder upon.
The event was well appreciated by everyone. It achieved what it wanted to – initiate a conversation around mental well-being. The event was concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Nidhi Mishra, Chairperson- Mental Health & Well-being committee.