The most special commencement ceremony is waiting for you at Peking University

New Delhi: Peking University, June 23, 2020: As winter turns to summer, the COVID-19 pandemic gives us special memories, and the graduation is around the corner. In this special period, this farewell of youth has the mark of history. The 2020 graduation season is sure to be unforgettable for many, with a gathering on and off the “cloud”.

On July 2, in front of the Administrative Building, under the Ornamental Columns, in front of the Alumni Bridge, we will meet on and off the “cloud” to give you the most special commencement ceremony.

I still remember the matriculation ceremony at Khoo Teck Puat Gymnasium, when you first stepped into the Yanyuan Garden and witnessed you clumsily wearing the school badge. Since then, a new swallow has been growing in the campus.

You used to select the most popular classes, go to the classroom early to take a seat, go to the library to study on your own, and you probably have had a lecture that you love so much.

Do you remember that? The poplar wadding in spring, reading in the lawn of the Jingyuan Garden with friends in summer, and the golden ginkgoes in late autumn that you love. You are also looking forward to winter, hoping to make a snowman and have a snowball fight.

The wind and the roc are on the rise, being full of vigor; the heart is set on its goal, going to the mountains and the sea together. Wiping away the parting tears and raising the spine of youth, let us once again sing that familiar song.

During this special time, the commencement ceremony will be moved from Khoo Teck Puat Gymnasium to inside the West Gate and in front of the Administrative Building, giving you the most unique ceremony. Looking back to the Yanyuan Garden, the love is attached to ten thousand miles; parting today, the heart is tied to the country.

On July 2, we’ll be waiting for you on and off the “cloud”! Stay tuned for more information in the future regarding arrangements for Peking University 2020 Commencement Ceremony.

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