The National Centre for the performing Arts brings to you an intriguing online workshop on ‘The Artiste on Both Sides of the Mic’

Award-winning sound engineer and acoustician, Gaurav Chopra to conduct a Facebook live session on guiding the artist community to embark on the process of live streaming on the 16th of January

India’s premier cultural institution, the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in collaboration with HSBC will be hosting an online workshop on ‘The Artiste on Both Sides of the Mic’ with the award-winning sound engineer and acoustician Gaurav Chopra. The virtual workshop aims to simplify the art of live streaming and prepare the artists to raise the standards of home production.

Bearing in mind the current pandemic situation, understanding the importance of technology and working in tandem in the digital space has become a requisite for the artists now. Keeping that in mind, NCPA has curated and designed this workshop to bring forth various technical tools, beneficial for the artists coming up the ranks as well as the seasoned ones, thus, enabling them to excel in new ‘digital’ expeditions.

Backed by HSBC, this session will focus on the appropriate usage of microphones and its relevant accessories. This will be followed by a discussion on the ingenious techniques of performance with other artists especially against the prevailing constraints.