The National Centre for the Performing Arts invites its patrons to celebrate Christmas with Merlin and The All Stars



Cheering and jingling all the way to some of the timeless Christmas carols, The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai is set to roll in the festive vibe ahead of Christmas. Welcoming Merlin and her troupe to spread some Christmas cheer, NCPA is set to present ‘It’s Christmas with Merlin and The All Stars’ on 17th December 2021 at the esteemed Tata Theatre, 7:00pm.


Featuring an exciting ensemble of artists from all ages, genres and styles, the musical will soulfully engage with the audience, and ultimately spread the Christmas message of faith, hope, love, and joy. From angelic voices, operatic arias, upbeat Rock-N-Roll and Indo-Fusion Rap to foot-tapping and classic carols, the Tata Theatre is sure to witness a cheerful welcome to the festival.


Fondly referred to as the ‘Female Rehman’ whose body of work extensively includes many exciting genres of music, Merlin strongly believes that music is what drives her and makes her heart truly beat! Giving a teaser to the event, Merlin says, “Christmas is all about spreading the love and joy, but it is ultimately the celebration of a birth. Hence, ‘It’s Christmas with Merlin and The All Stars’ is all about re-living and spreading the message of this festival. While we will be performing the age-old classic Christmas songs, we will also be giving them our own touch and would love if the audience sings along with us. So, reserve your seat today so you can join in the celebrations on 17th December.”


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