The National FinanZe Quiz saw over 3500 kids participate from across the country!

Bangalore: Most people believe that kids have minimal or no knowledge of personal finance. Breaking this myth is Mohamed Riwin I and Siddharth Kumar Gopal, from standard 8 and 7 respectively, who proved the majority wrong by winning the top two positions in the National FinanZe Quiz organised by Zerodha Varsity and QShala. Yet again proving that there is no age bar to learn and know about finances, whether it is corporate, public finance, and especially personal finance.


The National FinanZe quiz, supported by NSE saw participation from 3250 students across the country. The quiz held between 6-28th February with preliminary, regional and national rounds saw 1211 participants from the North, 119 participants from the East, 588 and 1622 participants from the West and South respectively.


Explaining the large number of participants, Sachin Ravi, the co-founder of QShala says, “Internet penetration in the country has helped students to expand the boundaries of regular K-12 education and learn more about the subject that interests them. A large number of participants from across the country for a finance quiz is a testimony to this fact.”


Raghav Chakravarthy, the co-founder of QShala commented on the success of the quiz, by saying, “The National FinanZe Quiz aimed to kindle the interest in financial literacy, money-saving, investing and other such topics from a young age. The National FinanZe Quiz is a great initiator for children to start their financial journey, and parents have come back to us thanking us for bringing such open conversation to the table.”


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