The Needy Heart Foundation Donates ECMO Machine And Ventilators To Manipal Hospitals


Bengaluru: Needy Heart Foundation, the charitable trust helping poor patients to avail treatment of heart ailments in the city since 2002, recently donated an ECMO machine and an advanced ventilator to Manipal Hospitals Bangalore.

Explaining about the donation, Mr. Ramaiah Sethuraman, Founder Trustee, Needy Heart Foundation said, ” we went ahead with a unique decision of donating an ECMO because of the fact that ECMO is the last hope of survival when the lungs cannot oxygenate or the heart cannot pump adequately and at the time of pandemic there was a severe shortage of ECMO machines across the country. We choose Manipal Hospitals because of their committed service in treating complicated covid patients, the high success rate in treating these patients, and the like-minded ideology of helping the needy patients.”

Expressing his gratitude, Dr. H Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman, MHEPL said “we are extremely thankful to Needy Heart Foundation from the bottom of our hearts for their generous donation and for considering Manipal Hospitals worthy of it.

Dr. Devananda NS, Chairman, Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery, MHEPL who is also a founder trustee of Needy Heart Foundation said,” we are running the highest number of ECMO’s for covid patients in Karnataka. Eeven though the outcome of ECMO in these subsets of patients is not the best, we still have a survivabillity of 30% approximately. We couldn’t help many deserving patients because of the lack of ECMO machines as there is a sudden increase in global demand for them. In this situation, this gift by Needy Heart Foundation is most welcome.”

Needy Heart Foundation is a 80G exempted charitable trust established in 2002, to help poor patients with a heart problems to avail treatment. Till date, they have helped over 10,000 patients and undertaken some unique projects like establishing a homografts bank with cryopreservation at Manipal Hospitals Bangalore and a cardiac rehabilitation center at Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology with the partnership of Rotary District 3190.