The Non-Melting Track Festival May Become a New Sports Brand for the Region

Sergey Melekhov, director of the Student business incubator of PetrSU, organizer of the festival, said that at the end of February a multi-day winter tourist festival will start in Karelia.
According to Sergey Melekhov, the work will be carried out in three formats:

The first is the historical thread of the Soviet-style race, 550 kilometers.
The second is for all residents of Karelia, regardless of age and place of residence.
Participants can start skiing on a single start day, and then record their results in a mobile application or with the volunteers of our festival. As soon as the participants run a distance of 550 kilometers during the year (from February 2021 to February 2022), they enter the hall of fame.

The third is a separate credit for schools.
Youth is our main focus. All schools will be on equal terms and will be able to compete for the main prize. The awards will help develop skiing in schools.

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