The only Museum of rune singers in the world is explored by scientists and students of PetrSU

During the complex scientific expedition “Kalevala-2021” scientists and students of PetrSU help the unique museum by creating an electronic database.
The only Museum of Kalevala Runes in the world contains a unique collection of things that belonged to the famous rune performer Maria Andronovna Remsh (1865-1943). The museum is located in a house that belonged to M. Remsh and was previously located in the town of Kayskolya (Voknavolok). It was transported to Kalevala in the late 1980s thanks to the efforts and insistence of R. Tikhonova. Since 1996, the exposition in this museum has been operating,

– said Victoria Viktorovna Tikhonova, curator of the museum.

The expeditionary detachment of PetrSU consisting of Associate Professor of the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences, Head of the Research Laboratory of Local and Microhistory Irina Alexandrovna Chernyakova, chief specialist of the publishing house Oleg Vladimirovich Chernyakov and 1st and 2nd year students of the direction “Social Work” Irina Igoshina, Anastasia Kolmyk, Anastasia Ermolaeva and Polina Veselova during the expedition was engaged in cataloging the exhibits stored in the museum.

An electronic database is being created based on the File Maker electronic software . The electronic catalog card was developed at the Research Laboratory of Local and Microhistory of Karelia ( ILLMIK), taking into account the experience of working in the museum of the village of Haikol and the museum “Trash barn” of the village of Nyukhcha, Belomorsky region.

To be included in the catalog, all items are measured and photographed, all stamps, hallmarks and inscriptions (including copyright marks) are registered so that in the process of cameral processing each item has its own unique verifiable history.

About 30 percent of all exhibits have already been processed, next year the researchers of PetrSU plan to complete the work.