The Opening of the e-Training on Action-oriented Tourism Vocation Education for Sustainable Development

In collaboration with the Development of Quality Assurance for Vocational Education Business and Tourism (BBPPMPV Bispar) under the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, UNESCO Office Jakarta is conducting a series of E-Training on Action-oriented Tourism Vocation Education for Sustainable Development from 7 to 18 September 2020. The training was virtually commenced on 7 September 2020 with 170 participants representing the head of education offices, curriculum developers (vice-principals of the curriculum), and teachers from Banda Aceh, Bali, Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi. In her opening remarks Dr Mee Young Choi, Head of Education Unit of UNESCO Office Jakarta, on behalf of UNESCO emphasized that the training will be a very critical and significant in the integration of sustainable development to tourism vocation education and the achievement of SDG 4. Representing BBPPMPV Bispar, Mr Nana Halim, Head of Administration, stated that the training will be a very good opportunity for teachers specially tourism vocation education teachers to enhance their capacity in four subjects of tourism vocation education.

The e- training series aim at providing capacity building to curriculum developers and teachers in the action-oriented tourism vocation education for sustainable development, enabling them to share expertise and experiences in tourism vocation education in Indonesia. This training is part of UNESCO Project “Action-oriented Capacity Building Trainings for Institutional Change in Tourism Vocation Education for Sustainable Development in Indonesia and Timor-Leste through South-South Cooperation” supported by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). Since its initiation in 2019, the project has been promoting Education for Sustainability through integration of Tourism Vocation Education and Education for Sustainable Development.


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