The results of the competition of creative works of schoolchildren “Step into the profession”

The Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education of PetrSU organized and held the first interregional competition of creative works for schoolchildren “Step into the profession”, which was attended by graduate school students of the Republic of Karelia.
The competition was aimed at supporting students who show interest and inclination to teaching. I was pleased that the participants of the competition have an idea of ​​the advantages and disadvantages of modern education, make assumptions about the direction in which it should develop and what needs to be done in order for our education to become competitive. The contestants assign the main role in the modernization of school education to young teachers, therefore the topic “What to teach future teachers” has become a special subject for students’ thoughts.

The most important thing to teach a future teacher is to be a friend to your students, to give them self-confidence. One of the main tasks of a teacher is to teach students, help them open up,

– Yulia Peredernina thinks.

The winners of the competition were Alexandra Guseva (Tolvuiskaya secondary school), Yulia Malafeeva (Lomonosov gymnasium in Petrozavodsk) and Yulia Peredernina (Shungskaya secondary school).

We hope that in September we will see the participants of the competition among the first-year students of PetrSU, noted the organizers of the event.

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