The results of the correspondence competition “Young researchers of the nature of Karelia”

The department of pre-university and vocational guidance work together with the partner of the university GBOU DO RK RTSRDO “Rovesnik” summed up the results of the correspondence competition of nature lovers
Students of grades 5-8 and 9-11 of general educational organizations, mastering additional general educational programs of natural science in the center “Rovesnik” , took part in the correspondence competition of natural science orientation “Young researchers of the nature of Karelia “.

The competition was held remotely on the Moodle platform .

A total of 30 schoolchildren took part in the competition.
The participants of the competition had to complete the task, which consisted of two parts:
Part 1 included 10 questions with a choice of the correct answer from the four proposed. For each correct answer, 1 point was given.
Part 2 consisted of 5 questions with a short answer (word, phrase, number or sequence of numbers). Each correct answer was awarded 2 points.
For all the work, it was possible to score a maximum of 20 points.

The winners of the competition were those participants who scored at least 17 points out of 20 possible.

Yu.V. Semenova, Head of the Department of Pre-University and Career Guidance:

Among the winners of the competition “Young researchers of the nature of Karelia” there are eleventh graders, and we will be glad to see these children among our applicants during the admission campaign at PetrSU.

More information about the results of the competition can be found on the website of the State Budgetary Educational Institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan RCRDO “Rovesnik” .