The results of the work of the MRRC in the Lahdenpoh region

The results of the implementation of the roadmap measures in the Lahdenpoh region in 2020 have been summed up.
As part of the implementation of the Development Program of the flagship university of Petrozavodsk State University, 37 actions of the roadmap were carried out, including 22 events in remote and online form in connection with the complex sanitary and epidemiological situation.

The following events and projects (in full-time and remote form) were of particular importance for the district: a cycle of video broadcasts about the peculiarities of admitting applicants to PetrSU in 2020 and 2021, speeches of directors of PetrSU institutes for students of the district, organization and holding of competitions, Olympiads and other intellectual competitions, entitling the winning schoolchildren to additional points upon admission; the project “Unknown War. Lessons of Peace” dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the end of the Soviet-Finnish war; “Live, study and work in Karelia”; PetrSU Career Center projects; introduction of equipment developed by PetrSU at trout breeding enterprises of the region.

The total number of participants in all events in the municipal district was 634 people.

For informational coverage and support of the roadmap events in regional media, on the official websites of local governments, municipal and state institutions, in social networks, 76 publications were posted.

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