The Scindia School goes Digital; Online Model to impart holistic education

New Delhi: The Scindia School, has devised a unique and comprehensive online model to engage with students and impart education aimed at ‘Overall Development’. Apart from academic classes the school has developed an online curriculum to cater to the physical and mental wellbeing of the child.

The day begins at 7.00 AM, with a 50-minute fitness regime from Monday to Friday. Classes begin at 9.00 AM and continue till 1.00 PM. Thereafter, students have well-deserved ‘me time’ till 5.00 PM. On Tuesdays & Fridays ‘Hobbies’ are conducted from 5 PM – 5.50 PM and ‘Society’ is run on Saturdays from 7 PM – 7.50 PM. Students engage in sports on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 5 PM – 5.50 PM.

The school has also devised a holistic model in view of the child’s needs for structure, online education, physical exercise, career counselling, social contact, and appropriate leisure time…all of it being administered online.

Commenting on the same Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat, Principal, The Scindia School said; “As early as March we realised that students will not be coming to the campus soon and we began preparations. From April we began online classes. Our cutting-edge eLearning module will give the school the agility to begin with learning at home and then transition to hybrid learning once the authorities determine it is safe to do so.”

Astachal is a common spiritual space & practice from the 1940s. Since then, nurturing the soul has been an integral part of the success mantra of the school. Hundreds of boys clad in pristine white kurta-pyjamas meditatively contemplating at the setting sun is a stirring sight and an experience which remains etched in the consciousness of every Scindian. The online version is conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays in the evening House-wise. This also becomes an opportunity for the boys and Housemasters to connect at the House level. Guided meditation for relaxation is also organized on a weekly basis.

Teachers are available during school hours and beyond to provide students with feedback, support, and to attend to parents’ queries as and when needed. Students have also been participating in various inter-school and intra-school competitions. Class Teachers’ meeting is organized on a weekly basis wherein the Class Teacher speaks to each student of his / her class on a variety of issues.