The Scindia School prepares for the new academic year, President of the Board of Governors – JyotiradityaScindia announces reduction in fees

New Delhi:India’s #1 ranked residential school for boy’s – The Scindia School is leading the way in terms of innovations and preparedness for the new academic year to begin in late June 2020. As per plan the students returned home safely post the announcement of the lockdown and the school has been kept free of infection. The school has also begun online education for the year. The school is also putting processes in place that will ensure the complete safety of children when they return, including aspects like social distancing through multiple measures, regular check-ups, and reduced external entry to the campus among others.

In a letter addressed to the parents Shri. Jyotiraditya Scindia, President Scindia Education Society, said, “The school had to plan and execute a series of actions in March to do the right thing for the safety of our children and to meet government guidelines as the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed its fury. In evolving an urgent response, two objectives were prime to our thinking, the safety of our children and the preservation of our educational ethos. On-line classes have begun and their intensity in quality and effectiveness will see continuous improvement”

The outbreak of the pandemic has also put enormous economic stress on the economy. In a bid to ease the financial burden on the parents, Shri. Scindia announced a reduction in the school fees for the school year from Rs. Seven lakh fifty thousand to Rs. Six lakh fifty thousand per annum

“The extraordinary nature of this time is unmatched in our experience and is challenging us in unprecedented ways. The threat to life and ill health is indeed discomforting and its consequential effect on livelihood a matter of grave concern. It is also the time when character and values distinguish themselves. Institutions and fraternities that imbibe the right upbringing cope and respond in ways that set them apart. In that spirit and recognising that the pandemic has caused a considerable financial burden, the board of the school has felt it appropriate to provide empathetic support to parents by a downward revision of school fees for this year.” Shri. Jyotiraditya Scindia added

He also thanked the parents for their support in teaching their children at home and the past students of the school for their continuous support.

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