The semester of the School of Foreign Languages ​​ends at the Linguistic Center

Students of foreign language courses have successfully passed final exams and received certificates.
This winter-spring semester, students in English, German, Finnish and Spanish have achieved great results. They studied diligently, learned a lot about countries and their cultures, and significantly improved their level of proficiency in a foreign language.

The teachers and staff of the Linguistic Center congratulate all students on the successful completion of the courses and wish them success, happiness, as well as the active use and development of the knowledge gained.

We are waiting for everyone in the new fall semester (October-December)!

Acceptance of applications starts from August 16, 2021. We form groups from September 20.

You can find out full information about the courses and ask all your questions by phone: 76-58-35, 71-96-27, +7 (921) 527-44-04, as well as by mail .


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