“The simple and wonderful science of geography”

Graduates of the Department of Earth Sciences and Geotechnologies of the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences of PetrSU spoke about what it means to study at PetrSU and gain knowledge of geography.
“From hummock to shell,” the famous physicist-geographer and writer Yuri Konstantinovich Efremov described the wide horizons of the Earth’s ecological system and the possibilities of modern geography.
Nowadays, the application of knowledge of geography helps to solve many issues of environmental safety, modern cartography and navigation, recreation, international relations, economics, tourism, nature protection.
We asked our graduates of past years to answer the question of what studying at PetrSU and gaining knowledge of geography means for them. From their answers, you can understand a lot about the discipline, the object of study of which is our entire planet Earth: from a swamp bump to a geographic shell.

Graduates of past years talked about what geography means in their lives.

Ulyana Alekseeva and Asya Zakirzyanova:

Geography is “made” by caring people. I still look at my teachers with great love and admiration. These are people who do not just work, they live by their own business and “infect” others with their love for geography, continuing the geographical traditions of Russia. Our teachers are a treasure trove of wisdom and experience for us! We often met at a “round table”, in a cozy, warm (as it is now customary to say among young people – lamp) atmosphere, and found understanding and support.

Ekaterina Murzina and Polina Kachanova on field practice.

Field practice is the most anticipated year-end event for every student. Field practices … With them we went through fire, water and copper pipes. Measuring the width of a river without special measuring devices, running along the mouth of an ancient volcano, going down into a dark mine and even conquering a mountain, all this seems like something unimaginable, but not at the Department of Geography, where everything impossible becomes possible.

Polina Kachanova and Anastasia Naumovich on teaching practice at school:

School is eternal youth and movement forward. Pedagogical practice is a “state of success”, as we were taught on the methodology of teaching geography. With this we now live forever! If it were not for school geography, I would never have felt pride in children when you give them a “5”.

Anastasia Naumovich and Sofia Artyukhova on travel to other regions:

We visited and saw many Karelian corners: Paanajarvi, Kivach, Girvas, Belaya Gora, Shoksha quarry of raspberry quartzite. St. Petersburg, Pskov, Novgorod, Kursk, Finland, Krasnodar Territory – it united us and united us. We managed to visit where many have not been, at the Baltika and Hyundai breweries, in the house – the Museum of F. M. Dostoevsky, at shipyards, we are close and understandable many technological processes of modern production.

Anastasia Sorokina, Dmitry Komarov and Anna Kalinicheva on the geographic brotherhood:

The warm atmosphere of our department will be remembered, where everything is like in a family circle. This is such a special atmosphere that did not let me lose heart all these years. We managed to create a really friendly and fun team, which brought together such people who you can rely on. Time flew by very quickly and imperceptibly, but these 5 years will be remembered and will remain in the soul forever, because it is not for nothing that they say: “student years are the best years of life!”

Dmitry Komarov on the professionalism of geographers:

In a few years, I really want to go to the department, see the same freshmen as we once were, talk to teachers, and also gather the whole group somewhere in nature on the shore of the lake in tents.

Anna Vagina and Anna Morozova on the science of romantics and dreamers:

I wanted to enter our specialty from the 10th grade. Then it seemed to me unreal, just a dream. How glad I was when I found out that I entered “geography” and “economics”. When you study, you don’t notice the time. It flies by quickly somehow. Enjoy every moment, because it is so fleeting. Don’t stop there. Be persistent. Never stop dreaming. And your dream will lead you to the North and South Poles, across the Great Oceans to the highest peaks of the world.

Veronika Chupukova, Polina Kachanova and Anastasia Naumovich on a healthy lifestyle and psychological comfort:

The road to the university went through a small park, and I liked that on the way to study I could enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views. When the path ended, the new building of the university opened up. When I saw him for the first time, I was amazed at the scale and beauty. Long corridors, large auditoriums, all this is so unlike the usual school atmosphere. It was interesting for me to learn and discover new things. My life has changed a lot for the better, and this cannot but rejoice. Well, only the most interesting awaits us ahead.

I liked the expedition to Paanajärvi very much. We have learned to conquer mountains, cook at the stake, and live without the Internet. It’s so great to leave for more than 10 days in the “wilderness”, where there is no connection, electricity and the Internet. These unloading moments are essential for everyone these days. And the most pleasant end of the school day was always the bathhouse. There is nothing better than a steamed plunge into a cold river, abandoning the usual comfort and plunge into the pristine atmosphere of wild nature.

Lyudmila Girs about science and modern technologies:

Geography gives rise to scientific interests. Our graduates continue their studies in magistracy and postgraduate studies in Russia and in leading European universities in various areas: “International Relations”, “Ecology”, “Political Science”. The training takes place in full-time and distance format using new technologies and various means of communication.

Arseny Bernikov about his love of travel and tourism.

Serious psychological and pedagogical training, improving the level of English proficiency, studying dozens of geographical sciences, as well as combining study and work, allow you to move up the career ladder, as well as take a direct part in the development of the Russian North company, which has been one of the largest tour operators in Karelia in terms of the volume of received tourists. Love of travel is characteristic of many people, but geographers travel meaningfully and each new place is already familiar and dear to them!

Asya Zakirzyanova:

University education is aerobatics! We have almost finished a chapter called “University”. Thank you! Thank you, friends, that we have been a real team all these years. I can proudly say that I am a graduate of the “Department of Geography”, and now the “Department of Earth Sciences” of PetrSU. For me, the most valuable thing is that all 5 years have passed under a safe roof with cool people!

Creatively and with optimism Irina Ginko and Nadezhda Tolstokorova:

And again, I can easily read the map,
Any place seems familiar.
I always feed myself with geography,
My baggage of knowledge will be generous, not stingy!


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