The Stonehill Science Bowl, 2021

Bengaluru: The Stonehill Science Bowl is an annual event organized by high school students at Stonehill International School, Bangalore. This year, the competition received an overwhelming response from passionate STEM students around the world. There was widespread participation from 50 teams representing 25 schools, from a total of 10 countries like the United States, Netherlands, Indonesia, Oman, Philippines, South Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ethiopia.


The two-day virtual event was held on the 23rd and 24th of September. The participants experienced a myriad of opportunities, ranging from intense competition rounds to easy going and fun mini-events on both the days.


The first and second place went to teams from Hill Spring International School, Mumbai and the third place went to Jain International School, Bangalore. The winners were given fun prizes by Monash University, the sponsor for the event.


The Stonehill Science Bowl is organized by the ‘Fun With Physics’ (FWP), a student-led organization at Stonehill that prides itself on making the practical sciences available to all school-going students, regardless of their social background.


Dr. Brian Brumsickle, Head of Stonehill International School commented, “Through such events, a STEM mindset is instilled among students, especially girls, at a very early stage in the education system to dispel biases in the workforce of the future. We were happy to see that at the Stonehill Science Bowl, around 30-40 per cent of the total contestants were girls.“



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